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Welcome to Last Stop Sports in the British Virgin Islands

Your Water Toys & Water Sports Rental in The British Virgin Islands

Refund Policy


Your reservation is fully refundable if canceled 24 hours before delivery.

This does not apply to Fishing Licenses (there will be no refund, once Last Stop Sports has sent the license to be processed (about 2 weeks before arrival))

· Refund policy: There will be no refund unless the problem is reported  immediately to our office. Phone # (284) 343 0214


Our hours are :  8:00 to 5:00 every days (check our website for August/September hours)


Please inspect the equipment right away, call us if there are any problems at (284) 343 0214 - (284) 541 7164


Upon finishing your charter:

It is important to let us know of your return so we can collect the equipment. If you have to leave

before we pickup the equipment or outside of our opening hours, please leave the equipment

on the boat (Put all the small items together so they are easy to find), except for the fishing

equipment, please return them to the charter company’s office with your name on it for safekeeping.


-If you do not return the equipment personally to us, you will be held responsible for the equipment

until we pick it up from whom you left it with.

You agrees that:

·  YOU WILL NOT allow any of Last Stop Sports SCUBA EQUIPMENT to be used by a NON-CERTIFIED person

 · To indemnify Last Stop Sports from any claims, damages or losses while in his possession. Should the equipment become unsafe for use while in his possession, he will immediately return it to the lesser.

 ·  In the event of loss, theft or any other cause while in his possession, he agrees to pay the replacement cost.

· That he will not hold the lesser liable for any injury or accident whatsoever resulting from the use or possession of said equipment and that he will pay all charges and all collection fees, court  fees and any other expenses involved herein.


All equipment will be tested before it is delivered to the boat.  The windsurfing equipment will be rigged first in front of our office, with one of our office employee inspecting it, before it is delivered to the boat.


If you wish, you can take an insurance to minimize your cost in case of loss or damage


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E-mail: Tel: (284) 343 0214 - (284) 541 7164